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  • letter


    A simple imperative: Write a letter one letter at a time, leaving the room after each letter you write. Every letter sent incorporates many sendings: The sending of the writer to herself, to ask what she means to write. The sending of the writer’s thoughts to surfaces digital or analog. The sending of the document…

  • Maria Denolt

    Maria Denolt

    About Maria Denolt In 2012, I began performing as “Maria Denolt,” an art critic, lecturer, “lofty person.” What began as an institutional critique performance project has since become more of an experiment in the relationship between art and the viewer. Awful Love (2022) A tour performance, centered on the 2022 BFA senior thesis exhibition at…

  • palo verde

    palo verde

    [P]lants themselves hardly tend towards the eternal or economical. The oak hoards the ground and sky, putting shadowy hands to the task of strangling upstart sprouts. The same dominating leaves, the source of the tree’s supremacy, are then sucked dry of nutrients and cast off in the shortening autumn days. Bougainvillea, a subtropical garden imperative,…