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16-19 March 2023Alien, Abstract, Appalachian @ Appalachian Studies Association

23 February 2023Camera Loosely @ Eshkenazi Museum of Art

24 February 2023The Gluttony of Light @ Indiana University Cinema

4 May 2022 – “Awful Love” @ Miller ICA.

17 March 2022 – Performance with Veronica Bleaus (John Musser) at Greer Cabaret Theater.

10 February 2022 – One Minute Monologues (Workshop) @ Center for Creativity: The Workshop.

25 January 2022 – Open Mic @ Center for Creativity.

01 November 2021 – Photographs, Photograms, and Blueprints: Experimenting with Cyanotype (Workshop) @ Center for Creativity.