Maria Denolt

About Maria Denolt

In 2012, I began performing as “Maria Denolt,” an art critic, lecturer, “lofty person.” What began as an institutional critique performance project has since become more of an experiment in the relationship between art and the viewer.

Awful Love (2022)

A tour performance, centered on the 2022 BFA senior thesis exhibition at Carnegie Mellon University. Hosted by the Miller Institute for Contemporary Art.

Best Wishes for Worst Times (2019)

Video performance, centered “Best Wishes” — an exhibition I curated for the University of Arizona Museum of Art.

Okay, Art (2018-Present)

Okay, Art is a series of one minute podcasts hosted by Maria Denolt. You can subscribe on iTunes / Google Play or follow the Okay, Art playlist on Vimeo.

Queernegie International (2013)

Video performance, centered on the 2013 Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Andy Warwho (2013)

Guerrilla Tours with Maria Denolt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2012)