Category: photography

  • in-camera cyanotypes

    in-camera cyanotypes

    varied paperstock. each print the size of a 35mm film negative.

  • andor


    cyanotype on watercolor paper. approximately 8×10 in.

  • spathe


    pair of cyanotype prints. approx. 8×10 in.

  • lozenges


    lozenges (2021) The lozenges series of cyanotypes was created through an iterative printing process. Numerous layers of cyanotype chemistry were applied to the paper in rounded rectangles, then exposed and bleached. These works each measure approximately 6.5 by 30 inches, and are cyanotype and clear acrylic medium on archival quality watercolor paper.

  • reply


    reply (2021) To reply is to fold back in. The rectangular shape of these prints mimics the full-length mirror into which I look everyday. A mirror folds together the rules of optics, the qualities of metal and glass, and the phenomenology of vision. I am attempting to use the paper as a space – but…